A brow bar with the look and feel of an old-fashioned barbershop, where stylists do brow styling and nothing but brow styling all day long. Mrs.Highbrow was the first salon in the Netherlands worthy of the moniker ‘brow styling’. Book an appointment for anything from a simple snip around the edges, to a whole new shape including a brow tint: eyebrows are the stars of the show at Mrs.Highbrow’s. In 2014 Mrs.Highbrow opened the studio in the Amsterdam Van Woustraat. But owner Saskia’s brow obsession started way before.

How it began

Mrs.Highbrow was established by Saskia van Buren in 2009. Up until that point she worked as a copy editor and beauty editor for magazines like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Grazia. But rather than write about fashion and beauty, she longed to get her hands on some eyebrows. She couldn’t help noticing what a difference a nice pair of brows made for people’s overall looks, a subject no one seemed particularly interested in. Saskia studied the application of permanent makeup at Ecuri and Irma Hulscher, and followed several master training courses. But instead of offering the full array of permanent makeup treatments, she decided to focus solely on eyebrows. It was an instant hit. Soon, clients from all over the Netherlands as well as Belgium and France found the way to her studio in Amsterdam. But her passion took its toll. After providing hundreds of women (and the odd man) with beautiful, semi-permanent brows, back problems forced her to stop. The treatments, that is, not Mrs.Highbrow.

From permanent makeup to waxing and threading

Soon after, the studio started hiring eyebrow stylists, and Saskia was the one to introduce the brow bar concept in the Netherlands. It was a bit of a gamble though – what if women minded having someone pluck at their faces in this hair salon-type setup, sitting right next to each other? But as it turned out, they didn’t mind at all. Instead it was a giant hit. A new branch of business was born.