Every strand counts

Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes. We see them every day at Mrs. Highbrow’s, and we’ve truly seen them all. Beautiful thick brows that simply need some smoothing out, overplucked seventies brows, but mostly eyebrows that are not really getting the treatment they deserve.

There’s a whole lot of experimental plucking going on. Many women are in the habit of tweezing a few hairs each day, focusing on those strands that seem to be falling out of line. We’ve noticed that in general, women who work on their eyebrows daily tend lose sight of the bigger picture. They end up with skinny brows that slowly thinned out over time. If only those “stray” hairs would be left alone for couple of months, they’d see that those strands are not strays at all, but part of their actual eyebrow shape. Eyebrows that, once grown back, turn out to be much thicker and prettier than previously assumed.


Fuller eyebrows

The best option is to avoid at-home tweezing altogether, and instead leave the job to a specialist every five to six weeks. Have a hard time handing over the reins? At least keep yourself from plucking every single day. Instead, give it three full weeks, then shape the whole eyebrow at once. This will give brows a chance to recover. And there’s an additional advantage. The average life cycle of an eyebrow hair is six weeks. If you maintain a daily tweezing routine, every single strand is part of its own growth cycle. By introducing an interval, you even out that growth pattern. Meaning your brow shape will look cleaner for longer!

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