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Posted on 21 February 2017
by Sabine @

Every time I see those perfect eyebrows on instagram I was wondering how to get this perfect shaped, darker lined eyebrows. Then I found Mrs. Highbrow online. A eyebrow specialist based in Amsterdam…


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Mrs. Highbrow Amsterdam

Mrs. Highbrow is the first brow bar in the Netherlands. In this bar you can do basically everything that has got to do with your eyebrows. From threading, waxing, shaping and buying eyebrow make up. Did you know they even have an academy where you can follow workshops?
Since I wasn’t able to go there, I got some make-up products sent home. Since I have experience as a make-up artist, I know how to use their products.


Shape my eyebrows

Usually I use an eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil from a different brand. However, this time I wanted to try out the eyebrow pencil of Mrs. Highbrow and the ‘power brow pomade’ (which is creamy and waterproof). This creamy product is easily applied with the Mrs. Highbrow eyebrow brush that I received too.

Step 1. For a day look, I used the eyebrow pencil to draw in a bit of my eyebrows, so the shape of my eyebrows showed. It’s an easy look and perfect to work.

Step 2. For a more advanced eyebrow, I used both pomades in the colors ash blonde and chocolate. I started by drawing a line under my eyebrow, using the color chocolate. This gives a sharp eyebrow.

Step 3. The part of my eyebrow above this line, I filled in with the ash blonde color. You can use more ash blonde in the beginning of your eyebrows too (closer to your eye). So the eyebrow starts with a more natural color. The darker color gives the shape and you can also use this color more in the end of your eyebrows, closer to your ear.

It was done within 2 minutes actually. What I love about the pomade is that it’s very easy to remove (even with your finger), when it’s still wet while applying. However when it’s dry and set, it’s waterproof! I was scared it would be difficult to remove if I made a little mistake. That was not the case.


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mrs.highbrow pomade power brow pomade amsterdam browbarber

The eyebrow pencil was quite hard and I warmed it up by drawing some lines on the palm of my hand. The pencil became a bit softer and easier to use. The colors are great and in general; I am a big fan of the products. I am very curious how the brow bar in Amsterdam is. It’s definitely on my wish list to visit this bar one time.

However they ship in Europe, so you don’t have to visit them in order to start using this fabulous pomade or eyebrow pencil. Check out their webshop here: or make a booking direct. Also men are welcome in the brow bar!



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