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Pure, organic castor oil for thicker eyebrows! Mrs. Highbrow Wonderbrow stimulates the growth of your eyebrows, but also smoothes the skin. A true conditioner for hair and skin! Now also available in a roll bottle.


wonderoil eyebrows wenkbrauwen laten groeien

volle wenkbrauwen serum brow oil olie



Mrs. Highbrow Wonderbrow contains 100% pure, organic castor oil from India. Castor oil is found to have numerous benefits, especially for hair and skin. The abundance of fatty acids is known to promote hair growth, acting deep within the skin due to the high penetrative power of fatty acids. But castor oil also has an anti-aging effect, smoothening skin and leaving pores free of bacteria.



Apply Mrs. Highbrow Wonderbrow every night before bedtime, for at least three months. This allows you to benefit from the full skin-renewal process.

Price: € 13,95

You can buy Wonderbrow in one of our stores, or order it online. € 4,95 shipping costs. Free shipment on orders > € 50.




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