Volume Lash Lifting

Long lashes without extensions

Longer eyelashes that don’t require extensions are here. Volume Lash Lifting lifts your existing lashes using tiny silicone pads. The system doesn’t actually extend your lashes, it just makes them appear long and luscious. Meaning you’ll never need eyelash extensions again to achieve that eyecatching look! On top of that, the Volume Lash Lifting system looks more natural, is a lot less fussy and much more affordable – it will last you up to eight weeks. And although you could easily go without, adding some mascara will make the effect ultra smashing.


Volume Lash lifting Mrs.Highbrow















1. The result remains visible for approx. 8 weeks.
2. You no longer need to use an eyelash curler
3. Extensions become superfluous.
4. It gives a natural look.
5. Is not harmful to the natural lashes.
6. You can take a shower and swim with it.
7. Your eyelashes hardly need any care

A treatment takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Price Volume Lash Lift € 47,50; with eyelash tinting € 49,50.


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