Mrs. Highbrow was the first brow bar in The Netherland. And now we have a second one, located in the old city center of Amsterdam. In both studios we do nothing else but browstyling. And that’s much more than just tweezing. It’s all about finding the perfect brow shape for your face. Thereby enforcing your look, since brows are the frame of your face. Choose for threading or our very mild wax. And ask for a color boost if you like real powerbrows. Or let us use – as an extra service – our own brand of make-up.

Are your eyebrows shaped very differently? Usually our stylists focus on the widest, boldest brow and make a special growth plan in order to let the other brow regrow into a similar shape. We never pluck more than necessary and aim for stunning long term results. Whether you prefer bold or thin eyebrows, we can design a perfect, tailor-made shape. Mrs. Highbrow stays on top of the latest beauty and fashion styles but our main goal is to make you feel gorgeous – not necessarily trendy.


Waxing, tweezing or threading for perfect eyebrows!

Highbrow waxing or threading
And a finishing touch with Mrs. Highbrow brow make-up.
€ 26,50
Highbrow waxing/threading & tinting regular
Tweezing, waxing, regular coloring and a finishing touch with Mrs. Highbrow brow make-up.
€ 37,50
Highbrow waxing/threading & henna tinting
Tweezing, waxing, brow henna on the hairs ánd skin and a finishing touch with Mrs. Highbrow brow make-up.
€ 40
Highbrow tinting regular
Colorboost for your brows.
€ 17,50
Eyebrow tinting during another treatment
€ 11
Eyelash tinting
Refreshing eyemask included.
€ 17,50
Eyelash tinting combined with a brow treatment
Refreshing eyemask included.
€ 12
Collagen eyepads
A refreshing eyemask, against dark circles and wrinkles, during your brow wax
€ 2,50
Teen brows 13-16 years
Just tweezing and waxing to your desired shape.
€ 20
Teen brows together with mom's brows
Just tweezing and waxing to your desired shape.
€ 15
Guy Brows
Clean up, stay masculine!
€ 22


Say no to facial hair!

Brows (styling)€ 26,50
Upper lip€ 5
Chin€ 8,50
Cheeks€ 8,50
Jaw€ 8,50
Nose€ 5
Whole face€ 52


Hair removal with a thread

Brows (styling) € 26,50
Upper lip€ 5
Chin€ 10
Cheeks€ 10
Sideburns€ 10
Whole face€ 56,50


Not just browstyling

Teen Brows € 20
Guy Brows€ 22
Brow & Eyelash tinting€ 29,50
Mom & Teen brows€ 42,50
Collagen eyepads during your treatment€ 2,50
Nose wax€ 5
Touch-up Henna Brows < 2 weeks € 12
Volume Lash Lift € 47,50
Volume Lash Lift & Tinting € 58,50



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