The summer season is upon us which means; lots of sun, hanging out on patios and going to a festival(s)! When thinking about festival(s), we think of music, the right outfit and of course your make-up and eyebrows need to be on point! This year we’re seeing a lot of bold and natural brows. Therefore we made an easy step-by-step guide showing you how to create the perfect festival brows!

All day dancing

Dancing in the sun all day immediately affects your make-up. Therefore you want it to stay in place all day long! But how do you create the ultimate festivals brows that are bold and natural and you can enjoy all day long? With the products of Mrs. Highbrow it’s getting a least a lot easier!

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With an easy step by step guide; as a result the ultimate festival brows!

Step 1: The start

First of all you’re starting with cleansing your face. After that you start brushing your eyebrows. As a result you can determine the shape of your eyebrows very well.

Stap 2: Cutting the small hairs

After step one you can snip away the ends of any long hairs. In addition, brush the eyebrows in different directions any longer hairs that stick out you can be removed with a special eyebrow scissors

Stap 3: Perfecting the shape

Now it’s time to make they eyebrow shape flawless. You can easily remove excess strands or fuzzie hair with the Rubis tweezers. In addition brush your eyebrows well again.

Stap 4: Color

For the finishing touch to make the perfect bold & natural brows is adding some colour to your eyebrows. In addition you can fill in any gaps and make them bold. Therefore you can use a pomade, you can make clean lines for the perfect shape. Furthermore an advantage of the pomade is that it stays very well and it’s waterproof. You can apply the pomade starting at the end of the eyebrows. This way you end up with the perfect ombré eyebrow

Stap 5: Tinted gel

For the next step we’re finishing off the eyebrows with tinted eyebrow gel. Easy to use but most importantly the eyebrows stay perfect in place all day long!

Stap 6: Highlighter

To give the eyebrows an extra finishing touch you can use a highlighter underneath the eyebrow. In addition the highlighter gives the shape a more defined look. When applying the highlighter you just bring an amount of product on the brow bone just below the eyebrow.

You’re festival ready

Your eyebrows are now ready to enjoy a festival all day long! Have fun!

If you still think this is to hard, you can always visit one of our stores for free make-up advice.

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Ska (Saskia) begon haar loopbaan als eindredacteur en werkte voor magazines als Elle, Glamour en Cosmpolitan. Ze schreef over beauty en raakte steeds meer gefascineerd door wenkbrauwen, waar op dat moment nog niet veel aandacht voor was. Zo kwam het dat ze in 2009 een opleiding voor permanente make-up deed, en niet veel later wisten klanten vanuit het hele land, en zelfs daarbuiten, haar studio te vinden. Inmiddels laat haar rug het behandelen niet meer toe, maar runt ze met veel plezier vanachter de schermen de twee vestigingen van Mrs.Highbrow.