The new trend: fluffy brows. Eyebrow trends have changed often over the years! For example, the brow in the seventies were often no more than a dash and almost every hair was depilated. In the nineties, this trend reappeared, with Pamela Anderson as the proud owner of the thin brow lines. However in the ten years in between the brows were just bold and bushy, think of Brooke Shields. This trend made a real comeback! May we introduce you: fluffy eyebrows!

Brooke shields fluffy brows wenkbrauwen

Fluffy brows

Instagram is the perfect place to find bushy bold eyebrows! Cara Delevingne has no longer the exclusive right here. In fact, Cara’s brows are almost petite compared to today’s big brows. In addition, the hairs are combed wildly, with a bushy onset and a wispy top. A stark contrast to the other Instagram brow trend, where the eyebrows are shaped as sharp as possible, and Finished with a lot of hightlighter. The eyebrows à la Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the brows that are marked with #browsonpoint and #eyebrowsonfleek.

Eyebrows on point

Basic material: full brows!

No fluffy brows without a lot of hairs. To create and get a good pair of fluffy brows you need quite a lot of hairs. You’re not blessed with bold full brows? Now worries, you can try out Revitabrow! Revitabrow is an eyebrow growth serum which enhances and stimulates growth of the eyebrow hairs. Maybe you’re familiar with Revitalash for the lashes, which makes the lashes really longer. Revitabrow gives the same effect.

Revitabrow mrs.highbrow volle wenkbrauwen

Revitabrow 3 ml. € 74,95

How to make a good fluffy brow

There are a number of essentials that you need to create the perfect fluffy brows.

Step 1

At the top, the fluffy brow is rather frayed. The bottom, on the other hand, is quite sharp. Epilate them yourself so tightly, or – better – visit the brow specialist.


Step 2 

Brush your brows well with a spoolie. This makes the hairs “combed” and makes them stay in place.

Mrs.Highbrow Angled brush en spoolie Mrs.Highbrow kwastenset

Step 3 

The next step is filling the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. This makes the eyebrow a bit sharper and you can possibly fill in gaps or little extend the tail of the brow. A good pencil for this is the pro powder pencil, it has a powdery finish so the end result is sharp yet natural.

Pro Powder Brow pencil Mrs.Highbrow amsterdam

Step 4 

Now it’s time to make the brows nice and fluffy by using an eyebrow gel. With this clear gel you can easily brush the hairs up and they will also stay in placeable day long!

Wenkbrauwgel clear

Step 5

As a finishing touch and to make the brow a bit tidier and standing out. You can apply a little highlighter to your eyebrow underneath the brow. For example with the duo highlighter pencil. You apply the highlighter and you make it softer with an angled brush.

Highlightiing Duo Pencil eyebrows




Do you want a real fluffy brow style and see how you can easily create a fluffy brow by our brow specialist? Then make an appointment in our salon at the van Woustraat!




Ska (Saskia) begon haar loopbaan als eindredacteur en werkte voor magazines als Elle, Glamour en Cosmpolitan. Ze schreef over beauty en raakte steeds meer gefascineerd door wenkbrauwen, waar op dat moment nog niet veel aandacht voor was. Zo kwam het dat ze in 2009 een opleiding voor permanente make-up deed, en niet veel later wisten klanten vanuit het hele land, en zelfs daarbuiten, haar studio te vinden. Inmiddels laat haar rug het behandelen niet meer toe, maar runt ze met veel plezier vanachter de schermen de twee vestigingen van Mrs.Highbrow.