Growth serums for eyelashes, brows and scalps are everywhere. As well as an abundance of pills, oils, powders, and ointments, you name it. Our clients at Mrs.Highbrow’s often ask us how effective these products are. The answer? It all depends on the active ingredient. The following are proven to stimulate hair growth: vitamine B, biotine, castor oil and coconut oil.


Oily fish

The ingredient perhaps best known for its hair-nourishing properties is vitamine B. A complex comprised of eight B vitamines, it’s beneficial to skin, hair, as well the immunity system, and useful in battling fatigue. You’ll find vitamine B in brown rice, oily fish, nuts and legumes. One of the B vitamines mentioned above is also known as biotine. This is the active ingredient in growth serums like Revitalash, which we sell at Mrs.Highbrow. On average, hair growth will start improving after six weeks of use, and eyelash lengthening typically begins after only three weeks.

Additionally, vitamine A, zinc, iron and folic acid are known to nourish skin and hair from the inside out. As long as you maintain a balanced diet, you get your share of these nutrients. Not sure? Supplements are your friend.


Castor and coconut oil

Castor oil has been a valued ingredient in beauty products for centuries. It contains Omega 9 fatty acids and is praised for its hydrating properties. Coconut oil in its turn protects hair strands from loss of protein, keeping them strong and healthy. (Just make sure to check the quality of whichever oil you choose to buy. Sometimes, cheaper varieties of oil known to smother brow hairs are mixed in to create bulk.) Both castor and coconut oil condition brow hairs, and after using them faithfully for six week straight you’ll notice hairs growing thicker. Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow is made with 100% organic, certified Castor oil, in a convenient roll-on bottle to keep fingers oil-free.

In short, these products do work, as long as you use them faithfully and over a longer period of time. As soon as you stop using them, hair growth will diminish. This means you’ll have to keep using them to maintain results over time.




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