As a guy you probably don’t often think about getting your eyebrows waxed (to get ‘guy brows’) and styled, right? Yet it’s becoming more and more popular and it’s common practice to do so. Nowadays men have there fair share in maintaining grooming standards. Do you find it difficult to work with tweezers or are you afraid that you are removing too much? Come to Mrs. Highbrow’s and you’re at the right place! 

Guys brows bold and natural skateboard

At Mrs. Highbrow’s we are specialized in shaping guy brows. Over the past few years this has been becoming increasing popular, from bold natural brows to more shaped eyebrows. Guy brows come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has their own preferences. At Mrs. Highbrow’s we love bold and full eyebrows. Therefore you do not have to worry that too much hairs will be removed!

Why shaping?

Eyebrows are an important part of the face, instrumental in showing facial expressions. When you get older, the eyebrows tend to become rougher and course stray hairs can appear. Also common is the so-called unibrow; in which case brows flow into each other. 

Getting guy brows back in shape gives you a fresh, well-groomed appearance, and it also makes you look younger.

Bold and Natural Brows

Shape is crucial, and that’s why your specialist on duty will be looking carefully where strands are taken out exactly. Oftentimes, this will be between eyebrows to break up a unibrow. Another area of interest is underneath the arch, to create a more open look. Aiming for bold and natural guy brows; the end result is kept as natural as possible. 

guy brows bold and natural sicssors

Guy brows super shaped

In case you want a more styled look, pick the option ‘guy brows super shaped’. The specialist will take into account the natural shape of the brows to determine what shape best suits the face. The shape is slightly more styled in comparison with the bold and natural brow. You don’t have to worry about overplucking, at Highbrow we love bold brows! 

How long does it take

At Mrs.Highbrow Amsterdam we take plenty of time for you and thoroughly discuss your wishes beforehand. A Guy brow treat men takes up to 20 minutes.

Price Guy Brows At Mrs. Highbrow

Bold and Natural Natural in shape € 20,00,-

Guy Brows Super shaped Perfectly shaped € 20,00,-

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