To make your visit to Mrs.Highbrow even better, we have put together a list of the best lunch places in and around Van Woustraat. So it could not be easier to combine an eyebrow treatment around lunchtime with a visit to one of these hotspots in De Pijp.

1. Juice Brothers

The healthy spot on Van Wou. Make sure it is not just your eyebrows that look healthy, but you too! You have a choice from a range of cold pressed juices. From green juices with ingredients like spinach, cucumber and kale to dark red variants with, among other things, grapefruit, pears and beets. As for lunch, the oats, smoothie bowls and healthy pieces of raw pastry are also great.

Juice Brothers [Van Woustraat 151]

2. Bulls and Dogs

A true paradise for hotdog and milkshake lovers. Delicious wieners in various unique flavors, served in a crispy bun. Besides that, milkshakes you dreamed of as a child, in more than fifteen varieties. Even when you have an appointment with us late in the day, you can always find a table at Bulls and Dogs afterward.

Bulls and Dogs [Van Woustraat 58]

3. SLA

A salad bar with tasty, quick and healthy salads. Where it is not only fun to grab a salad as a ‘take away’, but even greater to stay and enjoy your meal at a table. Then make sure that you will also take one of the delicious juices and dream away in the tropical decor of the place. Hey, do not forget your appointment!

SLA [Ceintuurbaan 149]

5. Cosy Coffee Bar

Besides good coffee (and rainbow lattes), they also serve breakfast and lunch. Fresh croissants, spelt sandwiches and the tastiest gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free tarts from Oh My Pie. Starting from this cozy bar, it is just a short walk by or through the Sarphatipark to the Mrs. Highbrow salon.

Cosy Coffee Bar [Eerste van der Helststraat 66]

6. De Wasserette

A little further along, you will find De Wasserette (The Laundry, in English). Don’t bring there your full laundry bag, but just an empty stomach. Here you can order simple but tasty sandwiches. Or enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and a slice of apple-carrot cake. This seems to be a favorite.

De Wasserette [Eerste van der Helststraat 27]









6. The Avocado Show

Avocado, avocado and more avocado. From pancakes to oreo cheesecake and from burgers to the fries served with it. Every dish you order here consists of avocado. You can not make a reservation here. But when tables are no longer available, they will make a waiting list at the door. A text message will keep you informed of your table. ‘Holy Guacamoly, your table is almost ready.’

The Avocado Show [Daniël Stalpertstraat 61]


7. Hoed & Krelis

The interior of Hoed & Krelis invites you to take a seat. Even if it’s just a coffee break or a drink at the bar. Before you know it, you will also have lunch, because the plates served on other tables looked so good. The kitchen knows as much about fish as about meat. So you can enjoy both a ‘Club Chicken’ and a few oysters.

Hoed & Krelis [Ferdinand Bolstraat 58]


8. Vegan Junk Food Bar

The latest addition to the Marie Heinekenplein, where everything is vegan. From the burgers and bitterballen to the cheese and even the mayonnaise. Nothing is too crazy for this place; they serve a blue unicorn bread with pink aioli. Moreover, the Vegan Junk Food Bar is a little rebellious. That is reflected in the graffiti style of the restaurant. So, just for the experience, it is worth a visit.

Vegan Junk Food Bar [Marie Heinekenplein 9]

9. STROOM in de Pijp

While this modern hotspot is known for its delightful tuna melt fresh from the oven, they will also happily make you a real American pancake in their kitchen. And if you are in the mood for a simple grilled ham and cheese sandwich, then the grill will turned on. You can come here for a truly relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, in the summer you long to stay on the terrace because it is located on the sunny side overlooking the cozy Cornelis Troostplein.

STROOM [Ferdinand Bolstraat 151]

10. CT Coffee & Coconuts

Visiting CT Coffee & Coconuts is like coming home. While there was a movie theater here back in the 1920s, you can now come and crash on the couch or at the kitchen table. There is pretty much always a nice place to sit in this ‘living room’. For a tasty cup of coffee, tea, or for a good (and healthy) lunch.

CT Coffee & Coconuts [Ceintuurbaan 282-284]

11. Boca’s

At the end of the Sarphatipark, and about eight minutes walk from Mrs. Highbrow, you will find Boca’s. The perfect place to go when you are in the mood for a snack. Here, you can order small but tasty sandwiches. And if you are in for a hearty lunch, you can just order several delicacies and taste a bit of everything. Later on the day, the most appetizing platters are served, which ensure that you stay seated endlessly.

Boca’s [Sarphatipark 4]



Ska (Saskia) begon haar loopbaan als eindredacteur en werkte voor magazines als Elle, Glamour en Cosmpolitan. Ze schreef over beauty en raakte steeds meer gefascineerd door wenkbrauwen, waar op dat moment nog niet veel aandacht voor was. Zo kwam het dat ze in 2009 een opleiding voor permanente make-up deed, en niet veel later wisten klanten vanuit het hele land, en zelfs daarbuiten, haar studio te vinden. Inmiddels laat haar rug het behandelen niet meer toe, maar runt ze met veel plezier vanachter de schermen de twee vestigingen van Mrs.Highbrow.