Wait, did you overpluck your brows? Saskia van Buren, owner of Mrs. Highbrow, tells Women’s Health how to get those eyebrows back in shape.


Hoe krijg je volle wenkbrauwen

How do you grow eyebrows back after overplucking them?
“Plucking them every now and then is not a bad thing per se, but if you’ve been doing it for years, there’s a fair chance they won’t grow back. Eyebrow serums and eyebrow oil (castor oil) may offer a solution. Both are brow conditioners. The trick is that you do have to use them faithfully, night after night. After twelve weeks, there’s a visible difference, provided there was some hair to begin with. If you’ve never had thick eyebrows, serums and oils will not magically make them appear.”

What is the easiest, fastest way to get beautiful, strong eyebrows? 
“When they’re in shape, they instantly look much better. Colouring them can do miracles as well. Particularly when your brows are naturally pale, the effect can be astonishing. It often turns out people have those full eyebrows, after all.”

What is the trendiest brow shape right now?
“Today’s eyebrows are notably straight, from the starting point to the arch, both on top and below. Also, the arch is pretty far away from the inside, creating an elongated overall eyebrow shape. With famous models, fluffy brows are a thing. Think Cara Delevingne or Charli Howard.”

How does tinting work?
“A tinting treatment usually takes about 15 minutes. Eyebrows can come out as dark as you like. The dye remains in place for four weeks. A henna-based dye is also available. This colours both hairs and the skin underneath. The beauty of this technique being that it creates a sharply defined eyebrow that doesn’t require daily makeup application. The skin tint will stay put for anything from a few days to a fortnight, depending on your skin type and tone.”

So what do I look for in eyebrow makeup?
“If you plan to buy a brow product, take into consideration how good you are at applying makeup. A pomade (a waxy substance) looks beautiful, but it’s supposed to be applied with a small brush, so it’s a precision job. Don’t have much of a steady hand? In that case a brow pencil is a better option. You should also consider the required result. For strong power brows, a medium-hard brow pencil or a pomade are best. For a softer, more natural look, try brow powder, or tinted eyebrow gel.”





Ska (Saskia) begon haar loopbaan als eindredacteur en werkte voor magazines als Elle, Glamour en Cosmpolitan. Ze schreef over beauty en raakte steeds meer gefascineerd door wenkbrauwen, waar op dat moment nog niet veel aandacht voor was. Zo kwam het dat ze in 2009 een opleiding voor permanente make-up deed, en niet veel later wisten klanten vanuit het hele land, en zelfs daarbuiten, haar studio te vinden. Inmiddels laat haar rug het behandelen niet meer toe, maar runt ze met veel plezier vanachter de schermen de twee vestigingen van Mrs.Highbrow.