Brushes in a tube


Old fashioned bottle post, but with high quality and fine brow tools. The eyebrow brushes have a shiny coated wooden handle and gold colored details for a super chic effect. Lovely to get and give as a gift.

  • High-quality brushes
  • Stylish golden details
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Luxury brow tools

In the glass tube, you can find the two most important tools to create beautiful eyebrows. Namely an angled brush and a spoolie. The first one works perfectly for applying makeup on the brows, such as pomade or powder. Thanks to the slanted side of the angled brush you can execute it as tight as possible. After that, you can brush the eyebrows in shape with the spoolie. This also ensures that the makeup will gradually be distributed over the eyebrow. Handy: you can also use the spoolie for your eyelashes. This works great when you have eyelash extensions or a Volume Lash Lift.