Hair Removal Pads Upper Lip & Legs


Super easy hair removal! The small pad is suitable for your upper lip, the big one for your legs. You gently file away the hair, resulting in silky smooth skin. The set consists of 5 large pads, 5 small pads, Get Set Pre Epilation Gel and Cool Down After Epilation Gel.


Does your upper lip need to be depilated? Or are your legs ready for waxing? With these pads you can easily get started. With this method you do not remove the hairs with root and all, but you file them away, as it were. The solution for those who can’t go to the wax or brow bar right now.

With the Get Set Pre Epilation Gel you clean the skin beforehand. Cool Down After Epilation Gel gives a fresh, tingling feeling afterwards, and minimizes redness.