Revitalash Defining Eyeliner Raven


The RevitaLash defining eyeliner is the perfect assistant for a quick glance. A thin line at the lash line provides a noticeable change and a more intense look. In combination with the well-known RevitaLash eyelash serum, primer and mascara you can easily create beautiful eyelashes that look full and long.

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RevitaLash knows that the skin around the eyes is extra vulnerable. That’s why the Defining Eyeliner not only has an impressive color, but also a moisture-retaining formula with a cream-like texture that can be applied quickly and efficiently.

With the help of the Defining Eyeliner Raven you have a beautiful glance all day long? This eyeliner has a silky texture that stays all day without wiping or staining. The formula is also moisture-retaining, so that the eyeliner is easy to apply without pulling the skin or skipping pieces.

About the ingredients

Vitamin E – Conditions the skin of the eyelids and also has an anti-oxidising effect.
Silicone emolients – The emolients ensure that the skin does not dry out. This ingredient ensures that the moisture is retained in the skin, making the skin softer and the eyeliner easier to apply.
The RevitaLash Defining Eyeliner Raven has not been tested on animals. Dermatologically tested, clinically tested and assessed by ophthalmologists. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

The RevitaLash Defining Eyeliner Raven is very quick and easy to apply and thanks to the moisture-retaining formula the color stays the whole day.

Step 1 – We can wholeheartedly recommend the RevitaLash eyelash serum to make the eyelashes look fuller and longer, a great start! Apply a thin line of the eyelash serum at the lash line (preferably in the evening, but in the morning too). You will see results after twelve weeks.

Step 2 – If you choose to use the eyelash serum in the morning, wait until the product has been properly withdrawn. Then apply a line of eyeliner along the upper edge of the lashes and possibly also along the bottom edge.

Step 3 – Apply the Volumizing Primer to the eyelashes with a zigzagging movement so that the blue tint is clearly visible.

Step 4 – Then apply the Volumizing Mascara over the primer. The blue color is no longer visible, but it does help by accentuating the black color of the mascara. The primer also gives extra volume.


Tip – With the smudge-tool at the bottom of the eyeliner you can easily blend the tight line with the eyeshadow for a less sharp edge.

Tip – With the built-in sharpener you can apply a more precise line. The sharpener is also ideal for tightlining (coloring the bottom of the lashes) and water lining (coloring the waterline).


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