Rosewater Mist

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Refreshes, hydrates and calms the skin. This 100% pure and organic rosewater is a delicious spray for every moment of the day. Use it after your make-up routine to set your (eyebrow) make-up! Or spay some rosewater after hair removal: it limits skin irritation.

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A great natural skin toner, rosewater has natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It has so many benefits on the skin and well-being and can be used in various ways. No matter what your skin or hair type is, this natural fresh liquid can bring you handful of goodness!

Rose water is a perfect toner for the skin. It helps to clean, smooth, increase the tone of the skin texture, and it closes open pores while giving the skin a pleasant floral scent;

It helps to prepare the skin before applying the day cream and make-up

  • Moisturizes, revitalizes, and smoothes the skin
  • It helps to revitalize aging skin while keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay
  • Makes the skin brighter
  • It is a good refresher during hot weather
  • It helps to eliminate dark circles, and also helps to clean and cool eyes in a gentle way;
  • It is an excellent natural treatment against the harmful effects of the sun on your skin;
  • It limits the irritation after hair removal


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