DIY Waxing Kit


Get started right away with this complete package, featuring Mrs. Highbrow’s exclusive products. The wax is suitable for face and body, so you can depilate your eyebrows and upper lip. But also legs, bikini line and armpits.

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Due to our long experience in eyebrow styling, Mrs. Highbrow knows exactly what good wax products must meet. This has resulted in a line of unique products, according to the latest developments. These products are not only very mild, but also very effective. This makes waxing better and therefore faster, so that a treatment takes less time.

This starter pack Waxing contains:

– Black Mrs. Highbrow wax heater, including inner container.

– Pinky Pellets 200 grams: real power wax. Mild to the skin, but a killer for her. Which removes practically every hair.

– Get Set Pre Epilation Gel, 100 ml: a refreshing lotion that thoroughly cleanses and soothes the skin. Thanks to this product, dirt, make-up and oil residues have disappeared. The perfect preparation for waxing the eyebrows or the entire face or body. Dry the skin well after using the Get Set Lotion.

– Cool Down After Epilation Gel, 100 ml: Has a cooling and caring effect. The gel reduces irritation and visible redness (yes!) And is mildly scented for a luxurious and professional hair removal experience.

-Wax away, 100 ml: Bye, bye wax residues. Wax Away After Epilation Oil, with a wonderful scent of musk rose and tea tree, quickly and easily removes remains. Besides that, the oil soothes and softens the skin.

– 50 spatulas small: for removing hairs under the eyebrows
– 50 spatulas medium: for waxing the upper lip and eyebrows
– 50 spatulas large: for the upper lip and the whole body