All our specialists

have a true passion

for eyebrows

Mrs. Highbrow’s specialists all have different backgrounds. But there is one thing they have in common: a great passion for eyebrows, some of them since they where little. Now that they’re working at Mrs.Highbrow’s, they do nothing but eyebrow styling. And that’s why all of our girls are true brow adepts, who share that special sense of knowing which shape will suit you best.

Their want you to have you the perfect eyebrows. Fully tailored to your wishes and looks. Delivered with a super friendly attitude. That’s what we hear from our guests: they love the warm and relaxed atmosphere in our two Amsterdam salons. We’re proud of it. Because what satisfies us most is seeing you leave our shop with a pair of super brows and a smile.


Owner & founder

Ska (Saskia) started her career as a copy-editor, working for magazines like ELLE, Glamour en Cosmopolitan. She often wrote about beauty and developed a fascination with eyebrows, a subject that didn’t garner a lot of attention at the time. In 2009 she went to beauty school and learned how to apply permanent makeup. Soon enough, clients from all over the country (and even abroad) started showing up in her studio. Although she’s no longer able to provide treatments herself due to back problems, it is her great pleasure to run the two Mrs. Highbrow salons from behind the scenes.


Manager, waxing/threading

who wouldn’t trust their brows to anyone else. When someone told her about a job opening at Mrs. Highbrow’s she didn’t hesitate to apply, even while wondering whether her pink hair would be an issue with the interview committee. No fear, at Mrs. Highbrow we have a soft spot for the not-so-usual. In no time this tough chick built a brand new circle of faithful regulars, while managing her team with a positive attitude and a great sense of humour.


Manager, waxing/threading

After admiring the salon from the barber chair for years, this former client started putting her marketing background to good use behind the scenes. But being the hands-on person that she is, Manouk wanted to take up brow styling as well. It soon turned out she was a dab hand at it, and every gal (and guy) under her care left the salon with a big smile. That’s because brow adept Manouk happens to be super friendly and spontaneous. She now brings that wonderful energy and personality to the Oude Leliestraat salon, which she runs.


Hostess & webshop medewerker

The latest addition to the Van Woustraat salon, but certainly not the least. Due to her education at Tio College and years of experience in the hospitality industry, Roxy knows what it means to be generous and work hard. From bookings to online orders, from greeting clients to supporting our specialists, Roxy makes things run like clockwork at Mrs. Highbrow, with her unstoppable energy and no-nonsense mentality. A true Amsterdam soul, just like Mrs.Highbrow.


Waxing & threading specialist

Her radiant smile is an unmistakable asset, and so are the eyecatching brows she creates. Cherisay previously worked as a wax lady at several salons and as a beautician at Soap Treatment Store. But not until she came to Mrs.Highbrow did this tried and true specialist find her calling. She went away for a year, then returned to the family nest. Lucky us, because we wouldn’t want to do without this personality.


Waxing & threading specialist

Marija used to work at Douglas Perfumeries, studied to be a makeup artist at Art of Colors and is a self-proclaimed makeup addict. Initially she came in to interview for a receptionist’s job as a way to get closer to the fire. Secretly, she hoped to become a brow specialist – a wish easily granted when she turned out to be talented. Add charm and patience to the mix and you have a top stylist who’s a wonderful addition to the team.


Waxing & threading specialist

She may be small in stature, but she’s great at brows! This absolute threading queen always is the calm eye of the storm, giving every client the brows that suit her best. To know Ranie is to know sweetness. But most of all: passion and perfectionism. The fact she commutes between Hoorn and Amsterdam on a daily basis to do her magic speaks to her character. And so does the fact that our clients come in from all over The Netherlands to see her.


Waxing & threading specialist

After showing great promise during her training at Mrs. Highbrow, Sima subtly let slip that she’d “love to work at a brow bar.” We heard her, and two weeks later she was part of the team. Her own exemplary eyebrows make many female clients’ hearts beat faster. On top of that she’s sweet and modest, which, combined with her undeniable skills, makes her the ultimate brow specialist.


Waxing specialist