All our specialists

have a true passion

for eyebrows

Mrs. Highbrow’s specialists all have different backgrounds. But there is one thing they have in common: a great passion for eyebrows, some of them since they where little. Now that they’re working at Mrs.Highbrow’s, they do nothing but eyebrow styling. And that’s why all of our girls are true brow adepts, who share that special sense of knowing which shape will suit you best.

Their want you to have you the perfect eyebrows. Fully tailored to your wishes and looks. Delivered with a super friendly attitude. That’s what we hear from our guests: they love the warm and relaxed atmosphere in our two Amsterdam salons. We’re proud of it. Because what satisfies us most is seeing you leave our shop with a pair of super brows and a smile.


Owner & founder

Ska (Saskia) started her career as editor-in-chief and worked for magazines such as Elle, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. She wrote about beauty and became more and more fascinated by eyebrows, which did not receive much attention at that time. That is why she did a training for permanent make-up in 2009, and not much later clients from all over the country, and even abroad, found her studio. Meanwhile her back does not allow to give treatments anymore, but she runs the two branches of Mrs.Highbrow with great pleasure from behind the scenes.
Francien Mrs.Highbrow


Manager, browspecialist & trainer

Started at the age of eighteen as a beautician and received more and more fans, who only entrust their brows to her. When Francien was tipped over a vacancy at Mrs. Highbrow, she did not hesitate at all. For a moment she was afraid that her pink hair did not come through the application process. But at Mrs. Highbrow we just love to be different-than-others. Within no time this tough woman also built up a bunch of fans at Mrs.Highbrow. And she manages the team with a good sense of humor and positivity.


Receptionist & webshop manager

From bookings to web orders, and from welcoming our guests to supporting the specialists. Roxy makes sure that everything runs smoothly at Mrs.Highbrow. Thanks to her education at Tio University and her years of experience in hospitality, she knows exactly what it means to be generous and work hard. And with her unbridled energy and no-nonsense attitude, she can apply that like no other. Truly one from Amsterdam, just like Mrs.Highbrow.


Browspecialist & trainer

She may be small in stature, but she’s great at brows! This absolute threading queen always is the calm eye of the storm, giving every client the brows that suit her best. To know Ranie is to know sweetness. But most of all: passion and perfectionism. The fact she commutes between Hoorn and Amsterdam on a daily basis to do her magic speaks to her character. And so does the fact that our clients come in from all over The Netherlands to see her.
Wenkbrauwspecialist Sima Mrs.Highbrow


Browspecialist & trainer

During the training Browstylist at Mrs.Highbrow, Sima subtly announced that she 'would love to work at a brow bar'. That could be arranged, and two weeks later she was part of the team. With her own eyebrows as a perfect example, she makes the hearts of many customers beat faster. Moreover, she is sweet and modest, which - in combination with her unmistakable talent - makes her the ultimate eyebrow specialist.



This always smiling Dutchie has been working as an all-round beautician for ten years. She became interested in and applied at Mrs.Highbrow due to the enthusiasm of her ex-colleague and our brow specialist Sima. Now she is already a year part of the team and has created the most beautiful eyebrows. To conclude, when you like killer brows but you are also in for a chat: Sylvia is your ultimate specialist.
Luna wimperspecialist Mrs.Highbrow


Eyelash specialist

With her eighteen years, Luna is the benjamin, but certainly not the least. She studies for beautician and puts her passion for beauty into practice at Mrs. Highbrow. On Saturdays, she provides women of beautiful eyecatching lashes. Luna is a true LVL specialist. Her ambition? Becoming a brow pro as well, so she is able to offer the whole package.


Marketing assistant

This Frisian beauty came to the capital more than six years ago and never left. Although she first worked in the event sector, a position in the beauty industry also seems to be reserved for her. Trijntje is responsible for marketing and can therefore mainly be found at the head office in the Oude Leliestraat. That doesn’t mean you won't run into her, because she is a real team player who loves to help her colleagues in the salon.
Cathy wenkbrauwspecialist mrs.Highbrow


Lash & Brow Specialist

Creative, perfectionist and patient. Cathy is it all, and is therefore a pure brow & lash specialist. And not to mention our house photographer. Previously worked as a permanent makeup specialist from home, but lacked the coziness of a permanent team. We are only happy about that. Just like her large bunch of fans!



This charming appearance is in the last year of her studies and can be found in Mrs.Highbrow every Saturday to keep the reception running. With her three years of work experience in our salon, she has become a very familiar face. Saskia can be recognized by her reliable look and has two words that describe her perfectly: cheerful and sincere. A real fresh addition to the team that is always there to receive you.



Studying on weekdays and behind the desk in our salon during the weekend. After a few jobs in the hospitality industry, Robin is now completely in her element at Mrs.Highbrow. Moreover, she is suitable for almost everything. That is why she does not only take care of the reception and the webshop. But why we also use her as a model for courses and as a beloved victim to try out new things. Oh, and if we ever need models, Robin always knows how to find girls.