Highbrow waxing or threading


Including a finishing touch with Mrs.Highbrow's brow makeup

Highbrow waxing/threading & tinting regular


Perfect in shape and with a subtle touch

Highbrow waxing/threading & henna tinting


Not only the hair will be colored, but also the skin. Remains 5 to 14 days.

Highbrow tinting regular


Colourboost for your brows

Eyebrow tinting during another treatment


Eyelash tinting


Refreshing eyemask included

Eyelash tinting combined with a brow treatment


Including refreshing eyemask

Collagen eyepads


A refreshing eye mask during your eyebrow treatment

Guy Brows Just a clean up


Natural in shape

Guy Brows


Razor sharp and perfect in shape

Teen brows 13-16 years


Wide and natural

Volume Lash Lift


Natural long lashes

Volume Lash Lift & tinting


The lashes are lifted, curled and dyed

The perfect eyebrow shape for your face

Mrs. Highbrow Amsterdam was the first real brow bar in the Netherlands. And has been the address for eyebrow styling treatments for almost ten years. But what exactly is that, eyebrow styling? In any case, it is more than just epilation. It is searching for the perfect shape, to make your face look as beautiful as possible. We do not work with templates, because every person is unique. Therefore our brows are always tailor-made.

Waxing or threading?

For eyebrow styling, we use thread (threading) or a very mild wax that only attaches to the hairs and not to the skin. Which ensures an almost painless removal of even the smallest down hairs. Whether you choose waxing or threading treatments, the result will be just as beautiful. Only the technique is different. Do you not know which method to choose? No problem. Please choose the option ‘waxing or threading’ when you make an appointment and discuss with the specialist what is best for you. Or just try both. Do you prefer only tweezing, because you don’t want the shape too tight? Just tell your specialist and consider it done.

Regular dye or henna?

By using dye you can make the eyebrow hairs a few shades darker, but you can also create a sort of print on the skin. The latter is done by using a special henna-based dye. Our brow henna provides the eyebrow hairs of a beautiful colour for a period of 4 to 5 weeks. And above all, it leaves a shade on the skin, which can very from subtle to dark. This shadow remains on the skin for 5 to 14 days. So you practically don’t need any make-up all this time.

At Mrs.Highbrow we do not work with templates, because every person is unique. Therefore our brows are always tailor-made.

Patch test required

A henna treatment requires a patch test. This allows us to exclude that you are allergic to brow henna.  Please visit us at least two days in advance to do this test. You can come by without an appointment. If you don’t have the time to do so, we will dye the first time with regular dye and do a test during this treatment. So you can enjoy your henna brows the very next time.

Discover our brow henna

The henna is available in various shades. From a light or ash blond shade to warm or dark brown. The result will always be quite intense because it does not only remains on the brow hairs, but also on the skin. If you have very light eyebrows of your own and/or if you like a more natural result, it might be better to choose regular dye.

Eyebrow brows mooie wenkbrauwen verven tinten

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