Eyebrow waxing or threading


And a finishing touch with Mrs.Highbrow brow makeup

Eyebrow waxing/threading & tinting regular


Perfect in shape and a subtle color boost.

Eyebrow waxing/threading & henna tinting


Brow henna also colors the skin, for 5-14 days.

Eyebrow tinting regular


Colorboost for your brows.

Eyebrow tinting plus


Combined with another treatment.

Eyelash tinting


Refreshing eyemask included.

Brow Revive


First aid to overplucked eyebrows.

Eyelash tinting combined with a brow treatment


A refeshing eyemask included.

Collagen eyepads


A refreshing eyemask during your brow treatment.

Guy Brows Natural


Natural in shape.

Guy Brows Supershape


Perfectly shaped.

Teen brows 13-16 years


Bold and natural.

Teen brows together with mom's brows


Mommies, bring your daughter (or son).

Volume Lash Lift


Curl and length to your natural eyelashes.

Volume Lash Lift & tinting


Curl, length and colour to your natural lashes.

The perfect eyebrow shape for your face

Mrs. Highbrow Amsterdam was the first-ever brow bar in the Netherlands. For almost ten years straight now, it’s been the go-to address for eyebrow styling. What is eyebrow styling, exactly? It’s more than just tweezing. Brow styling is all about looking for the perfect shape to suit your face and show it off to its best advantage. No templates are used, because every person is unique. Mrs.Highbrow brows are always tailor-made. 

Waxing or threading?

We style your brows using either a double thread, or a very gentle wax that only sticks to hair strands, not to skin. This ensures painless removal of even the most elusive downy hairs. Whether you choose waxing or threading, the results are equally beautiful. The only thing different is the technique. Not sure which method to pick? No problem. Simply choose the option ‘waxing or threading’ when you book your appointment, and discuss your preferences with your stylist. Or try both treatments once, to find out which one you like best! If your preferred method is tweezing, simply inform your stylist.

Flawless brow tint

Using a brow tinting product, it’s easy to make brows several shades darker and leave a ‘stamp’ underneath. This procedure uses henna-based dye. The henna product will colour brows for 4 to 5 weeks and leave a shadow on the skin, which varies from subtle to dark. The shadow will stay put for 5 to 14 days, meaning you won’t need makeup during any of that time.

Several shades of brow henna

Henna dye comes in a variety of shades. From light to ash blonde, from auburn to dark brunette. But no matter how light the shade you pick, the results will always be fairly intense. So if your natural brows are barely-there blonde, or if you prefer a natural look, it might be better to opt for regular dye. Still not sure which tinting product to choose? No problem. Simply book one of the many brow tinting treatments we offer, and during the intake you and your stylist can settle on the perfect choice together!

No templates are used, because every person is unique. Mrs.Highbrow brows are always tailor-made.

Eyebrow brows mooie wenkbrauwen verven tinten

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