Eyelash tinting


During your eyebrow treatment € 12

Volume Lash Lifting


Curl and lift to your natural lashes

Volume Lash Lift & tinting


Your lashes are dyed, for extra definition

Bye bye eyelash extensions. Have your own lashes lifted

At Mrs.Highbrow we love the natural look! With Volume Lashlift it is all about your own eyelashes. By lifting and curling them, they look much longer.

Volume Lash Lifting

Long lashes without eyelash extensions. Volume Lash Lifting is all about your own lashes, which are lifted using silicone pads. They do not become longer, but it looks like they do. In short: from now on you no longer need eyelash extensions for an eyecatching look. It looks much more natural, is less hassle and above all, it is cheaper than extensions. Because the result is visible up to eight weeks. With mascara, the effect is really smashing. The false eyelash-effect, but completely of your own.

Treatment takes 45 to 60 minutes.

The benefits of the Volume Lash Lift

  • The result remains visible for approx. 8 weeks
  • You no longer need to use eyelash curlers
  • Extensions become superfluous
  • It gives a natural look
  • Does not harm the natural lashes
  • You can just shower and swim with it

The result of lash lifting

The result depends on your natural lashes. Especially when you have long lashes which stand straight ahead, you see a huge difference after the lash lift. If you have very short lashes, the result will be less drastic. Also, if you have very stiff lashes, they will be less lifted.

FAQ: Volume Lash Lifting

How long will I enjoy my Lash FX lash lift?
On average, the result of our Volume Lash Lift treatment remains visible for 6 weeks. This depends on your growth cycle. If you have a slow growth cycle, the result can remain visible for up to 8 weeks.

Is a Lash FX lash lift harmful to my lashes?
The answer is no. All stylists are certified and have completed a volume lash lifting course. The treatment is therefore only carried out by trained professionals who know what they are doing. In addition, Lash FX products contain ingredients that nourish and moisturize lashes.

Who is the Lash FX lash lift for?
For anyone who longs for beautifully lifted lashes. Man or woman, short or long lashes, and steep or ‘curly’ lashes. Volume Lash Lifting is a great alternative if you do not want or can not wear extensions.

My lashes have been damaged by excessive use of an eyelash curler or eyelash extensions. Can I have a lash lift treatment?
A Lash FX lash lift is only possible when you have healthy eyelashes. Our advice is to use an eyelash serum first. So you will get your lashes healthy again. In order to do this, you could use the Revitalash Advanced serum or Mrs.Highbrow WonderBrow.

After how many weeks can I get a new lash lift?
After 8 weeks you can get a new lash lift at Mrs.Highbrow.

I can’t stand lash-extensions. Can I get lash lift treatment?
That is certainly possible. Incidentally, it is not excluded that there is another component to which you could also be sensitive.

Can I wear makeup immediately after the treatment?
We recommend not to wear mascara for the first 24 hours.

Can I exercise or shower right after the treatment?
No, the lashes should remain dry for the first 24 hours. We also recommend not using the sunbed or going to the sauna (48 hours).

Can I clean my eyes with any kind of make-up cleaner?
After 48 hours you can use any cleaner. We do recommend an oil-free remover.

I use castor oil, an eyelash serum or miracle oil for my lashes. Can this be combined with the lash lift?
Yes, that is possible. Especially the use of an eyelash serum can prolong the result, making you enjoy the lash lift longer. We recommend stopping 2 days before the treatment and using your product again 2 days after the treatment.

I have very steep lashes and therefore I can not have eyelash extensions put.
It is best to first have the eyelash lift set and then take extensions. Ideal solution!

I am pregnant. Is volume lash lifting possible?
The products have not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is possible that the lash lift will not take as well because of your hormones. If there is a reaction, it is not possible to take medication for it – it makes sense to take this into consideration.

I have hay fever. Is a lash lift treatment wise?
The lashes should remain dry for the first 24 hours and it is also not conducive to rubbing the eyes. Talk to the stylist about your hay fever level and whether this may affect the result of the volume lash lift.

At this moment I am receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation. I would like a lash lift treatment; is that possible?
Our advice is to discuss this with the doctor treated.

I have irritation after the lash lift treatment. What to do now?
You may not be able to withstand a component in the product. Don’t panic! Get anti-histamine tablets from the drugstore. A cold, damp cloth helps to prevent itching. After a few days, the irritation will disappear. It is possible to do a patch test prior to your treatment. With this, we can largely exclude whether you are allergic to volume lash lifting. Reactions occur in a very small group of people.

Do you long for naturally long lashes?