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Microneedling for hair growth, including waxing or threading

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4 treatments, including growth serum

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Brow Revive. First aid for thin eyebrows

Have you picked too many of your eyebrow hairs? Or do you suffer from ever thinning eyebrows? Don’t panic! Because we have the perfect solution for you. Brow Revive is a new treatment that aims to make your eyebrows grow full again.

Hoe werkt het?

During this treatment, we do not shape the eyebrow more than necessary. We always want them to be full (again). However, we do remove down hairs and hairs that really fall outside the shape. The hair growth is stimulated by micro needling. The blood flow gets a boost and the hair root is triggered to start working again. Combined with a powerful growth serum. A treatment takes 20-25 minutes.

Safe & hygienic

The treatment is carried out safely and hygienically by professionals who are not only eyebrows specialists but also beauticians.

After the treatment

  • The treated skin may be slightly red
  • It is not possible to use eyebrow make-up the first 12 hours
  • Treat your eyebrows every evening with a home serum

4 step plan

A Brow Revive treatment consists of:

  1. Professional intake
  2. Shaping the eyebrow using tweezers wax or thread, where only the much-needed hairs are removed 
  3. Microneedling in combination with a powerful growth rum
  4. Aftercare to use at home

Brow Revive: First aid for overplucked eyebrows. We let your brows grow back.

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