Brow waxing or threading


Waxing of threading lip


Combined with an eyebrow treatment € 6

Waxing chin


Threading chin


Waxen sideburns


Threading sideburns


Waxing cheeks


Threading jaw


Nose wax


Waxing whole face


Includes styling the eyebrows

Threading whole face


Includes styling the eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows by waxing or threading

Mrs.Highbrow is known for super mild hair removal by threading or waxing. Both methods remove the hair completely, including the root. As a result: a smooth skin for weeks.


Epilation by using a thread. It has been a way of hair removal for centuries and has made a huge comeback in recent years. Not surprisingly, because threading is even milder than waxing. The skin is not affected at all. That is why threading is suitable for the sensitive skin. More precisely, threading uses 2 thin threads, which are twisted together and rolled over the surface of the skin. Doing so, the unwanted hairs are completely removed in a very accurate way. Including the root. Result: razor sharp brows for weeks.

Just the brows or the whole face

Threading is not only the perfect treatment for beautiful eyebrows. The rest of your face can also be treated using this method. Think about your upper lip, chin and forehead. Wondering if threading is painful? Well, opinions vary on that. In any way there is a large group of women who prefer threading over waxing or tweezing.

No, we will not make your eyebrows too thin!

It is often thought that your eyebrows become very thin because of threading. We can tell you: that is a myth. They become really neat, but certainly do not have to end up thin. At least not at Mrs.Highbrow. Because we love bold brows and we will do anything to keep or get those brows wide and shining. Therefore, we do not remove more hair than necessary and we aim for a good result in the long term. Do you actually like the thin shape? No problem either. Mrs.Highbrow is up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends, but in the end it is all about you.

Threading made a huge comeback. Not surprisingly, because threading is even milder than wax.


Waxing stands for fast and super mild hair removal. Do not confuse it with classic waxing, which is a lot more aggressive for the skin. Our wax only attaches to the hairs and not to the skin. That is to say that the risk of skin irritation reduces. Mrs.Highbrow works with Wunderwax, a very mild film wax (golden or pearl) specially developed for Mrs.Highbrow. The wax applies a layer on the skin with wooden spatulas, which are – of course – thrown away after each stroke. Once cooled, the wax hardens. Thereafter, the wax will be removed quickly, including the smallest down hairs and roots. Additionally, at Mrs.Highbrow you can not only get your eyebrows depilated with wax but also your upper lip and the rest of your face. Actually, we wax everything up to your neck. Yes, even the inside of your nose…

The advantages of waxing

  • Much milder than classic waxing 
  • Removes the hair including roots, which ensures the hairs come back less quickly
  • Will give you razor sharp brows
  • Suitable for depilating the entire face

Good to know

Have you recently had a peeling or dermabrasion done? Do you use Roaccutane or other cream with vitamin A acid? Then the skin will be too sensitive to wax. Therefore, choose threading for an equally sharp result. Are you in doubt between a wax or thread treatment? No problem. When booking an appointment, choose the option ‘waxing or threading’ and discuss with the specialist what is best for you.

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